My Software

I'm a software engineer by trade. I enjoy my work but my interest in computers started back in 1976 when I read the TRS-80 microcomputer users' manual from cover to cover, sometimes under the covers. I had the thing memorized before I got my hands on a TRS-80 Model I in a Radio Shack store. My dad bought a Level II for his business and I got to play with it when I wanted. I did a science report in junior high school about CPU, RAM, ROM and I/O and Tim McManus told me I'd grow up to be a Systems Analyst. I used that computer to layout our class yearbook and to do my reports. It was a great typewriter. In high school we got a Model IV and a Silver Reed EXP-550 daisy wheel printer. I used Scripsit and Super Scripsit to write all my English reports. I played with printer codes to format the text of my papers to make them longer or in one case, shorter. I wrote a BASIC program to use the period to draw pictures. A daisy wheel printer drawing pictures is cool, it sounds like a machine gun. I'm sure it wasn't the best for the printer or the wheel but the good old EXP-550 kept on going.


28 Jul 2002 17:24 -0400