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I sometimes call her Chloe, the peach-eating dog. She's a good little dog. Pictures are in order. I have some and someday will scan them in and put them here. Of course by that time we might all be wearing virtual reality helmets and navigating through cyberspace using TechScan cheek force sensors built into our seat cushions.

Stories are important to us and we'll be featuring gems about Chloe such as, <The Peach Eating Dog>, <Whirl and Hurl> (maybe not), <Skating for Kibble>, <Rabbit Dog>, <Bird Dog Dreams>, <Rotten Potato Connoisseur>, <Robert Drops A Log>, <Tree The Cat>, <George the Tactical Beagle>, <A Bath? I Think Not>, <Fat, Furry and Brown>, <Nice Afghan>, <Robert Cleans The Basement>,<Where's My Tail Gone?>, <Haircut!> and many more amusing and endearing tales.

The themes that run through these stories are, Chloe will do anything for food, Chloe thinks that many strange things are legitimate food sources, Chloe thinks she's some other kind of animal, if Chloe eats anything other than Kibble (Iams Chunks) there will be trouble (ask Robert), and Chloe likes to ride in cars.

By the way, we pronounce Chloe as Klohee, like Cl (as in Clown) ow (as in Flow) ee (as in Tree). Since Dogs can't read or write to my knowledge, this is not overly relevant but since correct spelling is important to me I thought I'd set the standard for our dog's name.

Chloe is a two year old Norwegian Snow Dog. Some people call them Keeshonds. (That's Kees + hond there's no 'sh' sound in there.) She's black and white when she's clean. She looks a bit like the picture to the right. Naomi got her before we met. Chloe and I got along just fine since we first met. Chloe loves to play and I enjoy playing with her.

One final note, as fond as we are of Chloe, she's a dog. She's not a person.

The Peach Eating Dog
Chloe stayed with my parents and brother in Massachusetts for a while after Naomi and I were married. She got to run outdoors all day and generally had a great life. My parents have a peach tree and one day, my mother spotted Chloe chewing on something at the bottom of the yard. She went to investigate. It was a peach. I guess Chloe's just a Georgia Peach Eating Dog. Well, since Chloe's not supposed to eat anything but kibble (see Whirl and Hurl), Mum took the peach away and made sure that there were no peaches on the ground under the peach tree. Not long later she spotted Chloe munching away at something. It was another peach. She confiscated the second peach and called Dad to tell him about the mystery peaches. Where were they coming from? Dad and Mum watched Chloe through the window and soon saw her creeping toward the peach tree. After a quick look about and a sniff to see that she was not observed, Chloe started climbing the tree. She worked her front paws up and jumped up and down using the trunk as a support until she managed to grab a peach. Then off she went down to the bottom of the yard and munch, munch, munch...

George the Tactical Beagle
George is a little beagle who came over with his owner to visit one day. George and Chloe play well together. Sometimes they runaround with Chloe on top and George underneath. George is one of those low rider dogs and fits well underneath Chloe. They play and wrestle and Chloe, being much bigger, usually wins the strength contests. On this one occasion George climbed up onto his master's lap and waited for Chloe to come by. She did and he launched himself from his tactically advantageous position successfully ambushing Chloe.

Whirl and Hurl
I'm not sure I'm going to put this story in yet. This is a family site. Suffice it to say that Chloe's little tummy is a finely tuned piece of machinery and it's set for kibble.

Where's My Tail Gone?
We took Chloe to PetSmart here in Richmond for a grooming.  They claim that her tail was so badly matted that they had to give it the equivalent of a crew cut.  It looked like a pig's tail.  It's tiny and curly when it's got no hair.  Chloe, of course, was not amused.

This year we took Chloe to Canine Design in Richmond.  She got quite a haircut and looked like a goat for a few weeks.
But by the beginning of August she was back to normal.  Unlike in the PetSmart incident, Chloe seemed to like this haircut.  The temperatures were up near 100 degrees for several weeks.  Maybe that had something to do with it.

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