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My second consulting position was with Georgia Pacific in downtown Atlanta. My office was right across from my Fiancée, Naomi's, office and we frequently lunched together. We were married in June and went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. The Olympics came and went right after we returned from Hawaii. Since we were casual at work during the Olympics, I got to wear my honeymoon shoes every day. It was a happy and comfortable time. The Olympics made for some interesting commuting. It was packed. I worked on a web site for a campground and we were eating dinner down the street from Centennial Park when people came streaming out. We heard later that a bomb had gone off. Mike Diaz was visiting us and we had just seen Drivin' and Cryin' at the House of Blues. Later in the summer, John Chiachiaretta came and stayed in my now vacant apartment to see the Olympics. He borrowed my Jeep and roamed around Atlanta by day. He celebrated his 30th birthday with us and some of our (Naomi's) friends.

At Georgia Pacific I worked for Brad MacArthur on his Technical Architecture team. I worked with James Scheid, Marc Payzant, Andy Derrick, John Westover, Mark Brengs, Murad Merchant, Hart Boyd and Jake Rog. This team is one of the most dynamic development teams I've ever worked on. Out of it come such fascinating stories as <Busted>, <Lactating>, <John Drops a Server>, <Champions of Foos>, <Three Pounds of candy> and many more. So that I don't spoil the movie deal, the details will remain secret. My biggest project at GP ended up being AppDeploy. We wrote a scripting language to aid in the distribution of applications throughout the enterprise. Before I left it had variables, goto, gosub and conditionals among other things.

28 Jul 2002 22:05 -0400