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Well, I suppose it's about time to add a Massachusetts page. This is the state in which I spent most of my life. We moved here when I was 9 years old. I spend 4 years in New York State at RPI for college and then 2 more years working in a startup company there. I worked for another 5 years in Massachusetts before starting my consulting career, Since then I've worked in North Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts again and now Texas.

Here I'd like to tell about my life in Massachusetts growing up. Perhaps I'll tell about Richer Elementary School, The Immaculate Conception Parish and School, St. John's High School, The Boy Scouts, my friends, the adults I learned from. Maybe you'll hear about Sr. Margaret, Msgr. Meehan, Fr. Ben, Mr. Gardener, Fr. McLaughlin, Sr. Ruth, Br. Smith, John Cahill, The Kalbs, The Marshalls, Nancy Turner and Chuck Seggelin, a guy I've been meaning to call for almost two six years now. There will probably be some information on Contronautics, Inc., Boston University and my involvement in Alpha Phi Omega. We'll see. For now, it's late on a Friday night and I'm just trying to flesh out my web page.

28 Jul 2002 22:31 -0400