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I've got a new HP ScanJet 3c. I've started scanning any pictures I can get my hands on. Here's a batch. Someday I'll organize them. This is also my first experiment with a background image. I know it's annoying and hard to read but I'm working on it.

me before the trip to NYC/D.C. last May
me in a hotel in D.C.
me and President Lincoln me without Lincoln
me and that pointy monument me without that pointy monument
me at age 9

a bird outside my basement one day The same bird jumping. Check out the shadow.

Batch 2
Me at Thanksgiving dinner
A bear showed up at our Halloween party at XENERGY. Everyone thought it was a costume and the bear snagged a few free beers. Jim Vontzalides was at the party too.
My friend John Chiachiaretta at an APO service project.

28 Jul 2002 18:09 -0400