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We've moved to Dallas from Boston and are loving it so far. In the process of selecting Dallas we looked at Seattle and Houston. There was no competition for us.

Our first major purchase out here was a small Weber Smokey Joe barbecue grill. Boy does that little sucker cook. We also got a 10 pound bag of cheap charcoal and a small bag of mesquite chips. Of course I got a big bottle of lighter fluid. We used some of the mesquite for our first barbeque here. Naomi threw it out after that. I don't think even Chloe would have eaten the vegetables. They tasted like stuff you might find at the bottom of a week old campfire. The chicken was better because we put Soy Vay, Very Very Teriyaki sauce on it. Still I could scrape liquid smoke off my cheeks after dinner. Our barbecue's are much more enjoyable now we've ditched the mesquite. Salmon is rather good on the grill. I don't advise trying to cook cod over the open flame though.

We've been here for a few months now and things are getting a bit warm. We've not had much luck finding a house either. We've also switched from Soy Vay to KC Masterpiece (Original) barbecue sauce. I mix it in with ground beef for burgers and marinate chicken and pork in it. It's pretty good stuff. I like to cook things pretty fast and the sauce provides a nice buffer. It caramelizes instead of burning badly like meat does. The cheap charcoal's been replaced by Kingsford Match Light. All I have to do is pour it out and throw on a match. It's a real time-saver.

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