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Much like the Massachusetts page, this page will tell a little about my time at Rensselaer in Troy, NY, and my first job out of college at Image Systems Technology. Here I'll tell stories about Jeff Kalb, Chuck Villa, John Chiachiaretta, Jim Marshall, Leo Danelowicz and many more characters from Rensselaer. I'll also spend some time telling stories about Dave Chassin, Mike Mayernik, Ken Bohley, Bob Godgart, Dave Salzburg, Jim O'Keefe, Shannon Pozniewski, Ilya, Kevin, Adam, John and others at Image Systems.

You'll hear about things like, Chuck's car fire, Chuck is Stuck Day, Jeff stepping on his hands, free cable, Bugout Society, "Get the Wrecker", "What have you ever done for me?", the starboard engine of a DC-10, Jolt Cola, squirt wars, how a cat sounds taking a shower, liquid Nitrogen, mud, soccer, more mud, more soccer, the hornet in the Port-A-John, Mark Resch and Video Art, the computational physics computing budget, "Good Morning... Good Afternoon... um... Good Evening Sir." , lightbulb Olympics, and so much more.  Leo just e-mailed and requested the thermodynamics fire department story (AKA "Is that a wood stove or are you just burning off some hamburger grease in the oven?") 

11 Dec 2002 15:45 -0500