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My first consulting assignment was for Wachovia Bank in Winston-Salem, NC. I rented an apartment in the Highland Oaks Apartment complex near the Hanes Mall. I was told that this mall was the largest indoor mall in North Carolina. I worked for Gary Fraysier in the West End Center. It was about a 6 minute drive to the parking lot from my apartment. I really enjoyed working at Wachovia. The product I worked on was called Image Workstation. It provides Wachovia's corporate customers with check imaging capabilities. I had the opportunity to work with some really nice people. Gary Fraysier, the man in charge is a very thoughtful and concerned manager. Gary Heron the senior consultant on the project used to drive up from Charlotte every morning. I was always impressed by Gary's thoughtful, professional approach to consulting. Gary consulted through SPC. Andy Garner was the dynamic project leader who constantly tried to push the technology envelope while staying within Wachovia's conservative development framework. Chad DeLoatch started on the team before I did and was always interested in learning anything he could about programming. Vince Carter, upstairs in support, was the Image Workstation customer support guru. He was always patient and sincerely interested in solving customers problems. I used to help him out with problems in the software and soon we started playing tennis and racquetball. Vince is the guy who had the idea that we should go out to Ziggy's Tavern to see Joan Osborne when our Product Manager, Naomi Albright, was up from Atlanta on business. It was a good evening. Joan Osborne is talented. Four months later, I left Wachovia to move to Atlanta, Georgia, into an apartment across the street from my girlfriend, Naomi.

Coming Soon - If I can find the pictures, I'll post my version of Winston-Salem bachelor cuisine. I had a good bit of free time so I made bread, ravioli, pasta, stuff like that. I suppose I should put up a Dirk Pitt page too since I read 12 of Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt books while I was in Winston-Salem.

28 Jul 2002 17:25 -0400