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Dave Chassin My good buddy Dave Chassin manages his own page. There is information on energy management here
Dave Chassin (Personal) Dave's got a personal page now too
Ken Tinkler Another buddy, Ken Tinkler's got his own page too. He's a fan of the Yankees and has a page for them. Also has info on the Space Shuttle and the law in general.
John Kohl John's a Brother of Alpha Phi Omega. He's got some good APO resources on his page.
Dan Woodard Dan's a musician, he works at company called Concentra. We walked on the Charles once.
Vince Carter Vince has put some cool pages together. Vince runs
Dan Siwko My cousin's got a page up now.
Kim Trepanier K's working at TIAC now.
Chuck Seggelin I worked with Chuck at XENERGY in Burlington for a while. He's a great guy. Look here for birdwatching, Star Wreck and more.
James Scheid I worked with James at Georgia Pacific. He's a talented guy. He and his buddy Joe have started a company called InfoSouth.
Chuck Villa My good friend Chuck has finally put up a page. It's about time.
Ken Vogel I had the good fortune to work with Ken for 6 months at Fidelity in Boston. He's a consultant with his own business. I highly recommend his engagement page.
Ginger Garvey Ginger is a friend of Naomi's from The College of William and Mary.
Mike Diaz Mike's a long time friend of the family. He's got a big fish tank.
George and Melanie Clark Melanie and Naomi have been friends for years.

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